GroupPhoto021414-cropCurrent News

April 2, 2014.  The Willets lab Welch Foundation funding is renewed for another 3 years.

March 17-22, 2014.  Maggie receives a scholarship from the French Office for Science and Technology to present her research at the US-French Post-Graduate Seminar on Nanocharacterization in Toulouse and Grenoble, France.

February 27, 2014. Taylor Hernandez joins the group as an undergraduate researcher.

January 24, 2014. Drew's paper on visualizing site-specific redox potentials on plasmonic nanoparticle electrodes is accepted to Nano Letters.

December 18, 2013. Kallie gets tenure.

October 16, 2013. Brittani Love joins the group as a first year graduate student.

September 24, 2013. Karole's paper on triplet-state mediated super-resolution imaging of fluorophore-labeled gold nanorods is accepted to ChemPhysChem

August 28, 2013. Eric’s paper on super-localization surface-enhanced Raman scattering microscopy is accepted to ACS Nano.

July 17, 2013. Kyle Marchuk joins the Willets lab as a postdoc.

June 21, 2013. Our AFOSR MURI proposal on “Electrochemical Imaging and Mechanistic Studies on the Nanometer Scale” was selected for funding. The team includes researchers from UT, Northwestern, Queens College-CUNY, Arizona State University, University of Utah, and University of Washington.